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Clinical Trial Support – 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Do Everything Yourself

Clinical trials are complex, which means they involve a lot of work and require a range of skills and experience. It can be daunting when you start planning a clinical trial – how will you manage everything that’s needed, especially if you have a small team?

120 Clinical Trials In 20 Years: Discover Siron Clinical’s Expertise

One of the key drivers of our success as a CRO is our extensive experience with clinical trials across phase I and II trials, and in therapeutic areas including dermatology, oncology, pediatric and orphan indications.

How Clinical Trial Data Is Used – And Why It’s Important To Publish

How are the results of clinical trials applied? A clinical trial can generate a huge amount of data. Collecting, storing and managing that data is challenging, especially for large, complex, multi-site and multinational trials.

A Phase II Clinical Trial, Step By Step

Your drug has passed through the phase I clinical trial and you’ve selected and contacted the sites you want to work with. Now it’s time to get your trial up and running in the EU. What do you do? Let’s walk through the process step by step.

FDA, IRB, EMA… What Role Do Agencies Play In Clinical Trials?

At first glance, it’s abbreviation soup – EMA, FDA, NIHR, OHRP, IRB – but this collection of organizations is responsible for making sure clinical trials are run properly, to protect patients and develop medicines that are safe and effective.

What Is a CRO And How Can They Help You?

A clinical trial involves complex overlapping processes, many of which require specialized expertise and experience. So how can you run a clinical trial successfully if you don’t have the expertise in-house? That’s where a CRO comes in.

Clinical Trials Versus Clinical Studies: What’s The Difference?

As a CRO, we talk about clinical research and clinical trials, but what’s the difference? Can the two terms be used interchangeably? And why does it matter?

Behind The Scenes At Siron Clinical

When Jan Balemans, Founder and CEO of Siron Clinical, started the company in 2000, he was the first member of an expert team that would grow steadily over the next two decades. Today, 12 people work in various roles, all contributing to our goal: guiding the medical breakthroughs that better the lives of tomorrow.

COVID-19, Decentralization And Diversity: Roundup Of The Latest Clinical Trial News

At Siron Clinical, we keep up with the latest news and aim to share important updates on our social media channels. Here is a round-up of the hot topics being discussed in the news and reported in peer-reviewed journals.

Orphan Indications: Exploring Siron Clinical’s Specialized Therapeutic Expertise

According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), about 30 million people in the EU suffer from a rare disease. Since Siron Clinical was founded over 20 years ago, we have been involved in clinical studies with rare diseases.