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We are Siron Clinical.

Trusted industry experts in complex clinical trials across diverse therapeutic areas, including orphan disease, pediatric, and medical device sectors.


Project Management

Flexibility, innovation, and integrity guide our approach to project management and leadership for the success of your clinical trials.

Clinical Monitoring

We provide passionate strategic knowledge, specific guidance, and expertise for study execution across multiple therapeutic areas.

Quality Assurance / Control

We pride ourselves on accuracy and integrity through a continual and dynamic process when it comes to quality assurance and quality control.

Regulatory Submissions

We manage the entire Regulatory Submission process carefully and efficiently, bringing the benefits of new treatments to patients sooner while maximizing research investments.

Our Clients Say

VP Clinical Operations US, Oncology

' Regulatory agencies or ethics committees, the larger CROs had difficulty communicating prior learnings to internal teams and creating the same kinds of efficiency.'

VP Clinical Operations, Dermatology

' Europe, our partners for working there are critical to us.  We need local partners whom we can truly rely on; whom we can absolutely trust.  Siron is such a partner for us.'

VP, Clinical Operations US, Liver diseases

'......The Siron CRAs were an experienced and diligent part of our global team; we depended on them for their expertise and they did not disappoint.'

VP Clinical Operations US, Oncology

' getting studies approved in the EU, Siron Clinical played a vital role in us acquiring approval. Their management and oversight was a very positive experience for us.'

VP, Clinical Operations US, Liver diseases

'......a number of CRAs have remained at Siron for many years - there has been very little turnover in my experience.  Again, this reflects Siron's excellent management and leadership.'

VP Clinical Operations, Dermatology:

'......have started quickly and smoothly, and all activities are timely and precise.  The Siron team is very proactive, with a focus on solutions to any problem that might arise.'


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Experience Matters

We offer unparalleled knowledge, support, guidance, and extremely experienced clinical research professionals to the biotechnology, life science, and medical device industries. We are committed to leading the development of new and advanced treatments.


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