Jan Balemans
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Connect with Siron Clinical CEO Jan Balemans Online

by | Nov 5, 2020

Lockdown doesn’t need to mean the end of networking. Connection is a vital part of business, and for clinical trials it can mean the difference between success and failure. At Siron Clinical, we know how important it is to maintain connections and make new ones, so we’re keeping in touch online. Will you be attending Biotechgate Digital Partnering? You can connect with us there.

During the pandemic, digital approaches have helped replace physical ones for many clinical trial processes, such as clinical monitoring, regular meetings and site visits. They’re also useful in broader terms for connection.

We know that connection is important in business, not only for the exchange of information during meetings, but also for making discoveries that fuel innovation and establishing and maintaining relationships. Like many others, at Siron Clinical we have embraced digital technology for connection: during the course of 2020, we have spoken to many colleagues, clients and connections online.

“We’re all still adjusting to life at a distance,” said Jan Balemans, CEO of Siron Clinical. “We’re fortunate to have access to technology that helps us stay connected, and we’re happy to use it to its fullest extent!”

Talk to Jan Balemans at Biotechgate Digital Partnering

Digital events are supporting connection during the pandemic. On 23-26 November 2020, Jan Balemans is attending Biotechgate Digital Partnering in his role as CEO of CRC-Network GmbH, a full affiliate from Siron Clinical. The event is “designed to support the business development of Biotech, Medtech and Pharma companies.”

The four-day event is for “anybody working in business development in life sciences including biotech, medtech, pharma, diagnostics, healthtech, suppliers, consulting and not-for-profit organisations.” Participants can register and then pre-arrange one-to-one Zoom meetings with other participants. There are various options available, starting at no cost for up to ten meetings.

“It’s great that the people behind Biotechgate Digital Partnering are supporting the industry by facilitating connection in this way,” Jan Balemans said. “I’ll be there for the four days, and I’m looking forward to connecting with people on Zoom. Perhaps next time it’ll be at a conference venue, but for now, this is a good solution.”

Connecting to support successful clinical trials

This is the third digital event in the series; at the previous two, in May and September 2020, there were 2,000 delegates from 1,200 companies, including representatives of 14 of the top 20 big pharma companies.

Participants came from 60 countries, so this approach to digital connection is also bringing the clinical trials world closer together – including strengthening links between the US and the EU. This is an area of our expertise at Siron Clinical – for example, we share some of our insights in this eBook about starting a clinical trial in the EU.

You can find Jan Balemans’ profile when you register, and you can book a meeting when he’s available. If you’re unable to attend the digital partnering event but would still like to connect with Jan Balemans or Siron Clinical, that’s always possible.

We look forward to digitally meeting you!

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