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Behind The Scenes At Siron Clinical

by | May 31, 2021

How does the Siron Clinical team ensure the success of our clients’ clinical trials around the world? Let’s take a look behind the scenes at people’s roles and how they work together.

When Jan Balemans, Founder and CEO of Siron Clinical, started the company in 2000, he was the first member of an expert team that would grow steadily over the next two decades. Today, 12 people work in various roles, all contributing to our goal: guiding the medical breakthroughs that better the lives of tomorrow.

Clinical research is complex enough, so we keep communication clear and simple at Siron Clinical. To help us do this, we have set up a straightforward organizational structure that guarantees short and direct communication lines. This ensures transparency and effective communication, not only within the company but also with our clients.

For our customers, this means having access to a Clinical Operations team with significant experience in clinical research, supported by a senior management team with a range of expertise across clinical research and beyond.

Experience Matters

One of the ways we keep communication clear is to ensure our clients have one primary contact at Siron Clinical. For the larger multinational studies, this is the Project Manager. The Project Manager works closely with the client and the study team, as well as with people in other roles at Siron Clinical.

The Senior Clinical Research Associates (SrCRAs) and Clinical Trial Managers (CTMs) are the first line of contact with the Project Managers, sites and customers for the day-to-day conduct of the clinical study. They work independently on the clinical studies allocated to them, in particular on regulatory aspects and clinical operations, including clinical monitoring. They are responsible for the conduct of feasibility, pre-study and initiation visits, as well as all aspects of study site monitoring. This includes routine monitoring and the close-out of clinical sites. They also maintain study files and liaise with vendors.

All of our SrCRAs have more than 15 years’ experience. They are able to gain oversight of issues quickly and solve problems. And as they work in the field long-term, they build strong relationships with sites.

Our in-house Clinical Research Associate (CRA) also has project related responsibilities, to support the SrCRAs in their work. The CRA deals with a variety of day-to-day clinical trial-related activities during the preparation, conduct and close-out of multiple trials. This work can include supporting the preparation of Site Files, filing documents (paper and eTMF), supporting site payment, and organizing sample shipments. The CRA’s role is pivotal in the project team.

An Expert Leadership Team

Siron Clinical’s Leadership Team direct all our projects. With decades of expertise in clinical research, they can steer the work and ensure we – and importantly, our clients – are working towards our shared goals.

Wanda Meijst is Siron Clinical’s Director Clinical Operations. She oversees the clinical studies and is responsible for the daily operations of the ClinOps department. Wanda studied Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University, and had an extensive clinical research career of over 20 years before joining Siron Clinical. Our clients benefit enormously from her experience and expertise in early and late phase clinical research.

Siron Clinical’s first employee was Isabelle Momberg – Director Group Support. Isabelle is responsible for the company’s administration, HR and finance. She works with CEO Jan Balemans on the overall management of the Siron Group (including its affiliated companies, employees and contracted partners). With extensive experience in banking, legal and finance, she ensures daily operations are managed efficiently and effectively.

Our Managing Director Germany, Bernhard Junginger, is responsible for the projects running through the German affiliate. He is first point of contact for customers and also has management responsibilities for the SrCRAs, CTMs and regulatory experts working on these projects. Bernhard holds a Ph.D. from the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, and he has almost 20 years’ experience in clinical research.

Continued Growth Through People

At Siron Clinical our ambition is to become the preferred partner for small to medium-sized biotech and life sciences companies looking to benefit from our experience in conducting clinical trials. To support this, we continue to grow by bringing in new experts with experience in different areas of clinical research.

Contact us to find out how the Siron Clinical team can support you and your clinical trial.


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