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Meet Clinical Trial Manager Ingrid Meine

by | May 31, 2022

At Siron Clinical, people are our biggest strength – their expertise and experience help clients succeed with their clinical trials. Here we meet Ingrid Meine, who recently joined the Siron Clinical team as Clinical Trial Manager.

When Ingrid Meine read the job description for the Clinical Trial Manager vacancy at Siron Clinical, she knew it was the right role for her. The position provided the opportunity for Ingrid to continue the work she loved and broaden her remit.

“I got really excited about his job,” she said. “I always wanted to do something more, but I didn’t want to give up the clinical monitoring I did as a CRA – I love to visit hospitals and work with the sites and the principal investigators.”

Ingrid had been working for a huge service provider, where she was the person on a large team responsible for clinical monitoring. The move to Siron Clinical means she is now responsible for the whole process.

“It was a big change, but I wanted it,” she said. “I couldn’t learn much at my previous job – I was the one teaching the new CRAs. Now at Siron Clinical, I’m part of a smaller team, and we act very fast. I am learning a lot, it’s very nice to have such experienced colleagues.”

A technical background

Ingrid was born and raised on the northern coast of the Netherlands. Her father was a technical engineer; he loved his job, and Ingrid wanted to try it out too. She studied for a master of science degree in technical industrial engineering and management science, but as a student she already realized it wasn’t the career for her. “I wanted to move to the medical world,” Ingrid said.

After meeting her German boyfriend, Ingrid moved to Germany in 1993 and worked as a sales representative – a role that would now be called product specialist. Then by chance after returning to the Netherlands, she had the opportunity to become a CRA. “I liked it so much – I was part of a team that was, in my opinion, really adding value to the healthcare of patients all over the world.”

A new phase

On 1 April 2022, Ingrid started her new position as Clinical Trial Manager at Siron Clinical. Her role involves working with clients throughout their clinical trial process; she is excited about the opportunity to work with a company from their phase I trial all the way to bringing their product to market.

What does a typical day look like? “There are no typical days,” she said. “On Monday, for example, I am doing an on-site visit: I’ll drive to the hospital to meet the team, and check things like the source of the data they have entered into our system and the investigative binder where all the regulatory documents are filed. Then on Tuesday, I’ll write my findings in a report.

“Alongside that, I need to monitor a special mailbox for any notifications of serious adverse events, which we have to act on quickly. My role also involves regulatory submissions for new studies and negotiating budgets and to train site staff on new studies or amendments to protocols.”

Although she loves the work, Ingrid is even happier about the people. “It’s a very nice team – they are professional, very friendly and approachable.

Ingrid’s view of the industry

It’s an exciting time to be working as a Clinical Trial Manager – with the latest regulatory developments in the EU, there is plenty for Ingrid and the whole team to keep up-to-date with. Ingrid hopes the new Clinical Trials Directive and Submissions system will be an opportunity for the Netherlands. “The submission process was slow in this country, because our IRBs took a long time and asked a lot of questions. I think this will change now that the process is split into two.”

She also notes the changes the pandemic has caused – namely a growing need for flexibility. This, she says, is something Siron Clinical has embraced, and she’s happy to be part of a team that can support clients efficiently and remotely when needed.

“I would like to thank Siron clinical for this opportunity,” she said. “I’m very grateful that they chose me from the people they saw for this job.”

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