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From Siron to Siron Clinical – The Journey of Discovering Our Future

by | Feb 26, 2020

For the past 20 years, Siron Clinical has provided a high level of expertise in clinical trials for small and medium-sized biotechs who are navigating European clinical research.

We have built a name and reputation as an experienced CRO. Our no-nonsense approach, combined with passion, respect, and care for patients and our trial partners, has helped us become a trusted European partner for many organizations.

Siron Clinical Rebrand

It’s not an easy decision to change from what is known. In our hearts, we knew that an update was essential to transform us into the future and stand out in the market. We already had established the expertise and experience, but taking on a fresh, modern look was vital to connect all the dots.

We partnered with life-science management consulting company Seuss+ on the next steps of our company’s future. With their help, we developed our brand to new heights, better reflecting the quality you have come to know and trust with Siron Clinical.

The Road To Discovery

Developing our existing brand was an exciting process. We completed several workshops and critically challenged ourselves to look at where we had been, where we are now, and where we were going in the future.

Brand Journey in Photos

We had an excellent formula: respected experience, proven market successes, a great team, and an unparalleled reputation. But, we needed to take this forward with an inspiring and profoundly connected vision of the future and a new look that complimented these attributes.

Led by branding expert Gina Dunn, the team at Seuss+ helped distill our company’s true DNA from our mission, vision, and values and infuse these into the new Siron Clinical you see today.

How did we come out of the other side of this journey?

A Creative Path

Part of this journey was changing our look to fit our renewed DNA. The brand discovery process was a visual whirlwind of color schemes, mood boards, even a photoshoot that put our team into the spotlight.

The result meant that our mission, vision, and values were aligned not only on paper but also visually. Our brand is now aligned, ensuring we can deliver on our goal of “Building a Brighter Tomorrow.”

Choosing new brand colors meant leaving our traditional orange behind and embracing a bold, bright green. Green symbolizes renewal, energy, and growth, and we feel this reflects our emerging refreshed image well. What it also symbolizes are the two things we know — harmony with our trial partners, and safety (our priority in all clinical trials).

A new logo also came of this experience – one large circle surrounded by smaller circles. The logo represents the close collaboration with our partners, and the safety, harmony, and protection we can offer from our decades of experience in clinical trials.

Still Dedicated to Transforming and Advancing Medical Science

While the Siron Clinical rebrand has meant a change in our name, how we look, and our message, we are the exact same team you have come to know and trust.

We’re bringing 20 years of experience to the table, and we know the challenges and risks involved with conducting clinical research in Europe. We want to work with you to build brighter, healthier futures, and be your trusted partner.

We are the experienced CRO, ready to be the highest quality and CRO of choice for small and medium-sized biotechs navigating complex European clinical research.

Are you ready to take the next step into a European clinical trial? Discover how Siron Clinical can help you by downloading our RFI here.


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