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Siron Rebrands to Siron Clinical with a Renewed Focus on the Future

by | Jan 20, 2020

As we step into 2020, our team here at Siron knew it was time to take our brand into the new decade. With 20 years of experience under our belts, we wanted to reflect that our company is also moving with the times and ready to take on future challenges. Siron was ready to springboard from our heritage and rebrand for the future as Siron Clinical with a new name and new look.

Making the Change

It’s not easy to make the decision to change your brand. We’ve established our reputation and company with this name and external image, and letting go of the past can be a challenge.

Introducing our new logo:

Our new logo, in shades of green, really brings something original to the industry. We also embraced and built upon our history, with green being a color we used in the past as well. This energetic, vibrant color also brings a sense of the growth we’ve had in the past few years.

Guided by the team at Seuss+, we dived deep into the creative world of branding. We wanted to keep our heritage but infuse a clean and timeless feeling into our look, taking us into the future. And so Siron became Siron Clinical with a whole new logo and look.

Our new logo is a large circle, surrounded by small circles, reflecting our close collaboration with our partners. It also represents a feeling of safety and reassurance. We are the same company, just a brand new look.

Living our Vision

During our rebranding journey, we also wanted to explore our mission, our vision, and our values, and really make sure these are clear to ourselves and everyone who encounters our brand. After all, we are:

“Building a brighter tomorrow, through expert clinical research.”

– Siron Clinical’s vision

We want to have the highest quality research and the most experience that a CRO can provide to small and medium-sized biotechs. We help companies navigate the complex field of European clinical research.

We are straight-forward and all about quality, and most importantly, as you know, you can trust our extensive expertise. We are setting the benchmark for Clinical Outsourcing services and leading the pack with integrity, experience, and expertise.

The Same Team

While the look has changed, and our mission is clearer, we are still the same team and are as close as ever. We are ready to take on your challenges.  Our CEO, Jan Balemans said:

“Even with our new brand, we remain focused on our existing customers and welcome those new to Siron and let both experience our quality.”

– Jan Balemans

The Siron Clinical that you have come to know and trust is still here behind a modern, new face. We’re ready to tackle your future challenges with the same enthusiasm as ever.

Discover our Website and Look

Are you ready to see what the new Siron Clinical can offer you? It’s time to take a look through our new website and see the faces you’ve come to know and trust, now in a modern, clean way.

Are you ready to step into 2020 with us?  Explore our website and discover more.


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